Actium Health (formerly SymphonyRM), a promising innovator in the patient-engagement category, came to BFJ to elevate their flagship data-intelligence product and reinvent their brand identity.

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Overcoming a dated enterprise identity and unfocused brand story to get prospects talking

Despite SymphonyRM’s unique ability to transform clouds of customer data into clear next steps for individual patients, the company wasn’t finding the traction they needed to scale.

Visually, the company’s generic branding belied the sophistication of its technology, while a flood of feature-specific messaging obscured any overarching narrative and left customer prospects unclear on Symphony’s core value proposition.

SymphonyRM website prior to rebranding.


Gaining a clearer view of customer frustrations led us to a singular brand promise: Clarity to act

Following in-depth interviews with health system commercial leaders, we crafted a new brand narrative to meet prospects where they were: paralyzed by the sheer amount of customer data they had collected and frustrated by their inability to make better use of it.

Relaunching the company as Actium Health, we underlined their ability to deliver clear, actionable insights for individual patients, positioning them as the new leader in CRM Intelligence—the Intel-inside-like intelligence layer currently missing from health-systems' IT stacks.

Carving out a new category allowed us to clarify Actium’s complementary relationship to established CRM providers like Salesforce while simultaneously elevating them above less sophisticated competitors in the crowded patient-engagement space.

A fresh identity in an intriguing new product category.
Actium Health logo


Revealing human meaning through clouds of patient data

We explored the use of data clouds as visual elements to demonstrate how Actium’s penetrating data intelligence was the key to bringing individual patient needs back into focus. The conceptual interplay of elements going from cloudy to clear perfectly encapsulated our brand story, not to mention looking like nothing else in the enterprise space.

For layout design and iconography, we played off of the clouds with clean lines and minimalist shapes. Our logo design was all angles and edges, a perfect counterpoint to the softness of the color palette and clouds—just right for a company that’s all about getting to the point.

Actium Health conference poster


Reinforcing the brand story through memorable interactive design

With such a complex technology platform, the Actium website had a lot of story to tell. Through a carefully considered site map and design choices, we worked hard to ensure that all the necessary details didn't overwhelm the larger brand narrative.

Using subtle interactive design at the top of each of our main pages, we allowed visitors to directly interact with the cloudy-to-clear concept to bring the brand promise to life in a memorable way. Year-over-year web traffic increased 3x.

To explain how Actium’s intelligence platform worked, we developed seamless, sequential animations to emphasize the product’s sophistication and user experience. Gated anchor content pieces, such as the CRM Intelligence white paper were used to drive conversions.

Actium website on mobile devices
Actium brand identity assets


Growing awareness through targeted ads and engaging cross-channel content

We crafted a multi-channel launch campaign to ensure our rebrand generated as much momentum as possible. Through a combination of paid search, retargeted display ads, and relevant social channels like LinkedIn, we generated over 860K impressions in the first month.

Beyond lead gen, we supported all stages of the funnel with a full arsenal of sales enablement materials, including one-pagers, case studies, and most importantly, a fundamentally revamped sales deck. Our large-format advertising and eye-catching booth presence at national industry conferences created buzz for the bold new market entrant in CRM Intelligence.

At Best Friend Jack, we believe that an effective brand strategy can influence product development and company culture just as profoundly as it impacts marketing and advertising. The Actium team credits our partnership with not only transforming their brand identity, but working closely with their leadership to better understand and communicate the true purpose of their company.

Hear more in our discussion with Actium Health's VP of Marketing,  Alan Tam, on the Outcomes Rocket podcast.

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